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SUNDAY, 26 JULY 2009 19:57

Many of the recent discoveries in science confirm theories from Albert Einstein, which indicate that space, time, and matter did not always exist but came into existence at the same event. This event is commonly called the Big Bang. The existence and the precision of the expansion of our universe point to an intelligent being or person who deliberately planned and caused the Big Bang. I would love to explain the foundations of these statements in detail, but I cannot do si right now since I would like to make a different point. One great resource for learning more about these is www.crossexamined.org, if you are interested.

If time has a beginning and if there is a person who create time, space, and matter, it means this person must exist outside of time, space, and matter. Otherwise the person would not be able to create those things, but could only transform or reshape them. I believe the person we are talking about is God. He is a person who created the universe out of love, because he is love. What scientists are discovering nowadays has been shared throughout the centuries by Jews and Christians who believe the Bible is true and consists of a direct message from God to us. We are living in exiting times!

If this God who the Bible talks about created the universe, the earth, and all forms of life in it, he must have known what we would do with this awesome gift of life. He must have been aware of what we would do since he is not limited by time. He can look at the end, the beginning, and all the parts in between at the same time. This sounds kind of hard for us to imagine, but I believe it is true. This God we talk about must have believed in us and expected us to learn how we can be good stewards of the life and the gifts he entrusted us with. God believes a person who knows all of the truth and hears it spoken or shared in love would more likely decide to appreciate him for what he has done for us. For God it seems natural for us to choose the freedom to workship him.

Although God believes in us and expects a good outcome for our life, I sometimes have the impression we as his children do not always share this perspective with him. We sometimes suspect a bad outcome in people's lives or expect to find bad motives in people's hearts if we could search them. But the truth is that we cannot really know the motives of people's hearts. We can only try to guess them based on somebody's actions. Oftentimes the true motives can only be seen if we look at the life of the person in its entirety, from beginning till end. Because of our human limitations we cannot do this, though.

Since we cannot know the true motives of a person's heart without looking at a complete life from God's perspective, everyone needs to make a choice what he wants to believe about a person's motives in the meantime. Will we share God's faith and trust in each person while expecting good results like he does? Or will we expect evil motives in people's hearts and a bad ending for their life like God's main adversary, the devil, does?

I like how this questions was brought up and answered in the movie "The Truman Show" with Jim Carrey. In this movie the main character, represented by Jim Carrey, was the star of a famous TV show without knowing it. He lived a life which was controlled and manipulated from the outside, while thinking he was a totally free man. I think we can say he lived a life based on some very significant lies. But there is one character in the movie who had formerly acted along with the other people in the Truman Show. She is thrown out of the show when she oversteps the boundaries of her role while trying to help Jim Carrey alias Truman. She believes Truman has a heart desire to be a free person who lives a real life. This is totally natural to her.

The director of the show believes the opposite and expects Truman to prefer continue living the "perfect life" based on lies even when he would know the truth and how he had been lied to all of his life. The director seems to be a type of the devil in the movie in my perspective. He expects bad things in people's hearts and wants to control his film star while while keeping him in bondage with lies. The devil is also called the father of lies by Jesus, the son of God. The end of the movie proves in a great way how the devil was wrong and how the lady who believed in the good motives of Truman's heart was totally right. Everyone watching the show is rejoicing with Truman when he breaks out of his prison of lies.

Many of us are like those people who have been watching Truman in the show. We are kind of passive and do not really know if we should trust in the goodness of people's motives and do something about it, or if we should just wait and see what happens. But those who trust their God will believe in a good outcome along with him. They will take action and do great exploits. Their lives will be laid down for the expansion of God's kingdom which brings true freedom to people.

How will we choose? Who do we want to partner and agree with? I think we should not be passive in answering this question. There is no neutral position. All the passive people in the Truman show were supplying more power to the director of the show, who could use this power to fortify the lies and keep people in bondage to them. Not just Truman, the actors were also kept from being real. They sometimes had tears in their eyes for what they had to say but did not really want to.

I trust you will make the right decision and find a good answer to this question. :o) I believe we can be wise in selecting which people we want to invest our time and energy in (this involves the courage of saying No to others), while believing in the people's desire to live in true freedom at the same time.

'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.'
Jeremia 29:11-12